Music from the TV series Euphoria 2019 (Euphoria 2019)

Euphoria – a unique name or composition?

The series “Euphoria” has become one of the most popular in recent years. Songs from the series Euphoria listen to all radio stations, music pubs, headphones, etc. The soundtracks from the TV series Euphoria sound so stylish thanks to Jan Malone, who is a music supervisor.

Why Euphoria?

Almost 5 hours of music and 86 songs from Euphoria, which have an old-school theme, the performers of which are:

  • – Madonna;
  • – Billie Eilish;
  • – melodic r’n’b with a hard recitative.

The motives of the music for the soundtracks of the series Euphoria by series were written based on what schoolchildren and youth listen to. After all, this is an irreplaceable part of everyone’s life. During the selection of music for Euphoria Season 1, it took many hours in search, to hear recommendations from customers, and also to build your own vision of musical accompaniment.

The series Euphoria OST is one of the most anticipated on the screen, so the music must be of high quality. Listen to music from the TV series Euphoria on our website. Here you can listen to music from the Euphoria series, as well as read the lyrics. Songs from Euphoria 2019 have become the most popular not only among young people, but also those who follow all the musical innovations of our time.

Official OST playlist series Euphoria 2019

Songs from the series not included in the official soundtrack

Trailer for the series Euphoria (1 season) – Russian trailer (2019)

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