Music from the game God of War

Why is God of War’s soundtrack so impressive?

God of War is a cool PC game created in the style of an action-packed adventure. It was created based on Scandinavian mythology, so the music from God of War was written according to those motives. The songs of God of War 2 are radically different from those that we are used to listening to on a daily basis.

Why music from God of War?

It’s no secret that the Scandinavian mythology, which is based on the game, is unique and the music from God of War 4 was written by a composer who, according to the developers, wrote the music. God of War 2 ost rests on three pillars:

  • stringed instruments;
  • spiritual instruments;
  • epic choir.

Instead of Latin, the choir sings in Old Norse. In order to record the music of God of War 2018, it was necessary to hire a band from Iceland, because this language is similar to the language of the Vikings. To give cool effects in the game, it was required to find performers who can sing in bass. In God of War ost, you can hear the gorgeous singing of a London bassist.

You can listen to ost God of War 4 on our website. It is here that you will find absolutely all the music from the God of War game from all seven parts of the famous game. Inspired by Scandinavian motifs, composers embody the idea of playing the tambourine and cello in order to give an unforgettable listening to music from the game God of War 4 and everyone who will listen to her, there was a desire to download it.

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